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WELCOME from Patty Stern, Founder, Glamorous at Heart

I'm a fervent fan and experienced expert in the areas of beauty, fashion, business, and wellness/self-care. Glamorous at Heart is a platform to share my voice and thoughts every chance possible, and also seek out articles written by people I know. Additionally, I'm always on the lookout for articles that tap into topics that appeal to women 50 and over!

I believe something extraordinary happens to women once we hit our 50's that I can't quite articulate, but I know to be true as I've conversed with peers and we're all going through similar experiences. I've wanted to have a blog and produce my own education programs for a few years. It took a heart attack and major lifestyle changes to finally find my purpose to focus on Glamorous at Heart!

I believe with all my heart that it's vital for women to SUPPORT women. This includes being mindful, seeking out and lifting up women who are accomplished and may be "pivoting" in deciding HOW to best use years of learned skills in a new way.  Women want to be connected and feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Glamorous at Heart LIP Service

Only a few spots are open for the remaining session dates! 

What a lineup of interesting topics that have been developed!
Below are the topics and speakers for upcoming virtual programs. If you're interested, don't wait to RSVP because the spots go quickly and the sessions stay small and personalized.

  • April 23: Nicola Black, Personal Stylist l Neiman Marcus: Fashion and Accessories for at-home leisure and business

  • April 24: Colleen Rickenbacher, CR Speaks: Etiquette &Gift-Giving in the Age of Coronavirus

  • April 30: Casey Carpenter, Speak & Own It Communications: Executive Poise in Video Meetings (Don't let your meeting get hijacked by other people)

  • May 1: Nicole Barone, Certified Health Coach: Nutrition (Eating Clean) while Sheltering in Place

  • May 8: Sharon Kornstein, AICI, CIP, Image Design LLC: Personal Authenticity: Are you being who you are for yourself or for others?

Message from Patty Stern, Founder, Glamorous at Heart:
Did you really think I'd let the opportunity to provide online conversation while we are sheltering in place (SIP) pass us by? Let's have coffee together once a week and talk about business, fashion, self-care & well-being.

As always, my programs are designed for confident women who seek out the chance to learn!

While we are safe at home during this time of Coronavirus, it's important to keep our minds actively engaged. Plus, it's always fun to connect with like-minded friends and colleagues for a relevant, lively discussion. During the program, our "networking" will transpire through conversation. No need for gimmicks!

Start your morning off with a jolt of energy!
Join me for small (8 participants max per session) roundtable discussions.
Topics will focus on business presence, at-home fashion and beauty tips, nutrition and wellness, and more. I'm confident you'll enjoy starting your day this way once a week. (No lipstick or blowouts required!)
RSVP ONLINE. Select a week, register, and I'll send you:

  • Zoom Room details

  • The Topic du Jour

  • Name of Guest Topic Expert (As applicable)


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Sharon Kornstein, AICI, CIP
Image Consultant l Stylist
Kim Brundage
Photography l Branding
Nicola Black
Personal Shopper l Stylist

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pattystern0207 skype (by appointment only)

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