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WELCOME from Patty Stern, Founder, Glamorous at Heart

Something extraordinary happens to women in their 50's: They grow more comfortable in their skin and more confident in the decisions they make. Our mindsets shift and we find ourselves welcoming new lifestyle changes. Our bodies change, too. And guess what? We are very capable of taking better care of ourselves; our health, our nutrition, and our fitness. I think I'm healthier at 56 than I've been in decades past! It takes work and dedication, but it's worth it so we can live our best life, right?

As for fashion, beauty, wellness, self-care and business? Well, let's just say I'm a fervent fan and experienced expert on these topics and I've been able to develop great friendships with many professionals in those industries from all over the country, as well.

Women supporting women has always been a passion of mine and drives my purpose for Glamorous at Heart.
Us ladies need to strive to take better care of one another. The days of competition are long-gone; replaced by a spirit of mutual respect and knowledge sharing to constantly be pushing one another forward to the next success!

Due to COVID-19, my live events are on the back burner until fall 2020 (at the earliest). In April and May, I hosted a series of "salon-style" virtual workshops that were popular! I offered provocative topics & encouraged conversation among small groups of accomplished women who loved the chance to meet one another virtually.


More good stuff is on the way. Have a fantastic summer, ladies.


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