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The trust shined through from start to finish! Nicole Barone, Casey Carpenter, Enrico Fioranelli, and Carla Greengrass each shared their wisdom (because they know their stuff!) and they seamlessly bounced ideas and thoughts off each other while responding to inquiries from the audience in an eloquent and thoughtful manner.

The gym at Madison Community House was an inspired location! Janet Allocco, the Executive Director, was a joy to work with and I loved that we were with Kim Iozzi, Executive Director for Dress for Success Northern New Jersey-10 Counties, at her office. Hopefully, you were able to go downstairs to see where their clients select clothing and accessories. For those who brought donations, THANK YOU!


Breakfast was fantastic. This was the first time I worked with Madison Bagel Cafe and they did a terrific job for us! Reach out to the owner Dan Taskila to learn more about their catering services.


Were you spotted? Christy Ward, owner of MC Ward Images, did an exemplary job documenting the event.I encourage you to visit her website and learn more about the photography services she provides


Special Thank You: A heartfelt thank you to Marisa Spagnoletti, the owner of Lucy's Gift in Florham Park for donating the gorgeous baskets for our prize drawing. And, thanks to Donna Pettigrew Fillweber with Color Street for being with us and donating a prize, as well.

Stay warm in the final stretch of winter, and I'll keep you posted on the date, topic, and location for the Glamorous at Heart Spring 2020 program.

Patty Stern


Glamorous at Heart

Contact Information for our Four Coaches...Plus their "word" for 2020!

Reach out to inquire about services and/or to schedule a consultation. Now you know the right questions to ask!


Nicole Barone

My 2020 word is "Elevate"

Peak Performance Strategist | Certified Health Coach | Executive Coach | Isagenix

Email me

Mobile/Text: 973-495-2748

Casey Carpenter

My 2020 word is "Intentional"

CEO, Speak & Own It Communications

Where Public Speaking Meets Leadership

Author of Introverts in Sales: Turn Your Peaceful Power into a Profitable Selling Machine 

Email me   

Office: 973-580-2163 


Carla Greengrass

My 2020 word is "Trust" 

CG Life & Leadership Coach

Email me

Mobile/Text: 201-486-6387


Enrico Fioranelli

My 2020 word is "Inspire" 

4E Fitness Training

Fitness Sensei l Transformation Specialist, Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Coach

4E Fitness Training

Email me

Mobile/Text: 973-769-9056

Women are eager to be connected with confident, like-minded women!

While making social connections and broadening your business exposure are generally the primary reason women seek out networking & educational events,

I truly believe that, more than anything, women want to learn and constantly be evolving!


The programs presented by Glamorous at Heart provide the voice of experts who are passionate about sharing knowledge and fearless about speaking candidly on topics affecting women 50 & over!

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