For women who want to live their best life!


In case you don't already know, I'm obsessed with fashion, beauty, wellness/self-care and business!

Wellness and Self-Care continue to be top priority for me. This past year, I decided to make a serious transformation with diet and exercise. Paying close attention to eating cleaner and upping my fitness game considerably resulted in my taking off 40 pounds!


At 57 I'm living proof that age is just a number!

Many of the lifestyle changes I've made are so simple, I get kind of mad at myself for not having taken better care of myself leading up to my heart attack in August 2018. The best change I've made in my life, for sure, is that I focus on seeking out what makes me happy. That's all. Happy.

I hope you'll love yourself enough to find what makes you happy, too.

Women supporting women has always been a passion of mine and drives my purpose for Glamorous at Heart.

Ladies need to take better care of one another! The days of competition are long-gone; replaced now by a spirit of mutual respect and knowledge-sharing and constantly pushing one another forward to new successes!


Due to COVID-19, my live events and workshops remain on the back burner until early 2021. In April and May, however, I hosted LIP Service, a series of 7 virtual workshops that offered diverse topics and encouraged conversation I anticipate picking up again in coming months with another series of virtual workshops.

More good stuff is on the way. Embrace 2021 and go after what you want with a BOLD attitude that makes YOU happy! Never forget your *why* to stay healthy, and don't skimp on your workouts!


Glamorous on the outside. Healthy on the inside.