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I'm just thrilled that the time has arrived for Glamorous at Heart! In February, I celebrated my milestone 55th birthday and, after overcoming multiple health situations and major lifestyle changes during 2018, I finally found the time to start my blog! 


I absolutely love quality fashion and luxury beauty. I'm a sucker for a new lipstick and you'll find me carefully studying craftsmanship when shopping for clothing or accessories. That said, I'm an expert at the art of "high/low wardrobing", which allows me to shop year-round and add new pieces seasonally to  incorporate color trends into my style.  As for beauty, something interesting happened when I reached my 50's: I started paying more attention to my face and investing on skin care regimens and purchasing higher end beauty products! As a result of staying on top of (and using) great products, I think I look better at 55 than I did ten years ago! So, now my desire is to freely share what I learn with others.


Wellness and Self-Care become increasingly important once we hit our 50's. I'm living proof!

My heart attack in August 2018 was THE catalyst for me to overhaul my lifestyle with a better diet, consistent exercise, getting enough sleep, and removing stress from my life. As my lifestyle has changed, I've broadened my circle to include wonderful trainers, doctors, and nutritionists. They teach me how to take better care of myself. And you know what? So many of the changes I've made are so simple, I get kind of mad at myself for not having taken better care of myself leading up to the heart attack.


The biggest change in my life is that I purposely seek out things that make me happy.

That's all. Happy. Being able to share my voice through this blog with you makes me happy. Enjoy.


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