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Nine Benefits of Weight Training

Written by Sarah Lindsay l Healthista

9 benefits of weight training this celebrity PT wants you to know

From serious fat loss to an increased metabolism, celebrity PT and former Olympian Sarah Lindsay of Roar Fitness, explains why weight training is just. so. important 

Weight training can be intimidating. From the sights of bulky, defined athletes doing 100 reps with ease to regular gym buffs showing off, weight training isn’t as a easy as showing up and running on the treadmill. Even if we wish it was.

That’s why former Olympian and celebrity PT guru Sarah Lindsay is setting the record straight. Because as scary as the strengthening technique can be, it’s essential for not only improving our bodies, but also our daily lives.

the more muscle you have the more calories you can consume without gaining weight or fat

So listen up, and get excited, Sarah’s explaining nine unique benefits of weight training that are sure to make you weight room confident.

#1 Weight training makes everything easier

At its core, weight training is ultimately strength-training, which means getting physically stronger. And it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you choose to do, if you’re weight training, you’re going to be better at it.

Think about it. For those who run, the stronger your legs become from weight training exercises, the easier and faster you’ll be able to go.

Or if high-intensity workouts are your go-to, such as burpees, weightlifting can build your endurance, and get you jumping half a metre off the floor instead of a tiny little bump.

Everything in life is easier when you’re physically stronger. Why? Because you’re using less effort to complete your workouts, everyday activities and more.

#2 Weight training is important for longevity

For all-things longevity, as you get older, being able to get up and out of a chair becomes a luxury. I’ve seen this firsthand with some clients who come to me for personal training.

I have worked with overweight clients that have never moved or exercised prior to their matured age, and I notice just how much they struggle to lift themselves from a seat without assistance.

Weight training can help in preparing for the changes in your body and aesthetics as you naturally age.

Although that might sound like an extreme example, the idea of longevity is important to think about, no matter what decade you’re in. At 40, I don’t want my physical capabilities to be limited by the time I am 65.

Weight training and overloading your muscles can help in preparing for the changes in your body and aesthetics as you naturally age. So without a doubt, whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, we should all prioritize adding weightlifting exercises to build our strength.

#3 Weight training boosts your metabolism

At Roar Fitness, a lot of my clients come to me for body transformations. They just want to change their bodies, and weight training is very time effective, because a lot of the time we only have 12 weeks to make a change.

In their three training sessions a week that I have with them (that’s three hours a week), I prep my clients with a proper weight-loss schedule, which most fitness beginners think means cardio, cardio and well, more cardio.

But believe it not, endlessly running on a treadmill isn’t always the best method for shedding those extra pounds.

The problem with just using cardio to try and lose weight and body fat is that as soon as you stop doing the cardio or as soon as you eat more food, the progress or weight-loss will stop.

This is compared to weight training where building muscle will mean you burn more calories per day, because the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism will become.

Which means you will stay leaner, because if you have more muscle, then along with your metabolism, your calorie requirements also increase. That is until you lose that muscle again — but don’t worry, that takes time. 

To put it into perspective, I eat between 3,000 to 3500 calories per day to maintain my physique. I know that sounds like a lot, but that’s my calorie requirement, I’m not going to gain fat very easily because I’m muscular, and that keeps me lean.

So what I am trying to say is, the more muscle you have the more calories you can consume without gaining weight or fat too quickly.

That is why weight training tends to alter your body composition (shape), giving you a higher metabolic rate in the long term, rather than cardio that just sees you drop the number on the scales.

#4 Weight training shouldn’t be scary

Try not to pay attention to anyone who says weight rooms are scary. Everybody belongs in the weight rooms, it’s not just for the big muscley strong guys. Go in the and own the room, you belong there.

In fact, there’s often a friendlier atmosphere in those weight-rooms than people expect, because they are the kind of people who are passionate about health and fitness. Remember everyone in that weight room started somewhere.

The first thing is to get in there and get started. Try not to care what other people think, and soon you really won’t.


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