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Always Fabulous: Tom Ford SS 19

Every once in a while, you get to view a designer's collection and be reminded that when high-quality craftsmanship is combined with thoughtful attention to detail, the end result is perfection that commands respect.

I was pleased that Nicola Black included me in the Tom Ford private beauty & fashion show, hosted by Tom Ford at Neiman Marcus Short Hills on March 27th. As usual, the experience was top-tier, starting with meeting the TF Beauty stylists who came in from NYC to meet with clients and introduce us to the NEW Soleil Collection for Spring/Summer 2019.

TOM FOR BEAUTY: While "warm" weather (read: having a tan) hasn't yet arrived, my eyes grew wide with desire for the ENTIRE new Soleil Beauty Collection. My opinion? This is the best new collection I've seen from TF in a long time.

I asked my TF stylist, Jennifer, to ONLY use items from the new collection to do my face. And, yes, I walked away with the palette and the rose cold liquid eye shadow, too. (See results in photo gallery below).

TOM FORD FASHION: I have to remind myself that Tom Ford was an art student at NYU before he got into fashion (and movies) (and writing). His keen eye for colors, weights, textures, and patterns is evident in everything he creates.

While I may not be in a personal position to purchase much from his ready-to-wear line and/or accessories, I'm quite comfortable recommending Tom Ford ready-to-wear for the ladies who DO have the discretionary income to spend, along with a good appreciation for classic lines enmeshed with DARING silhouettes! Tom Ford is definitely worth considering to ramp up your wardrobe.

My favorite outfit: The sleek black evening dress (pic 5)

My favorite handbag: Definitely the Tom Ford

My favorite handbag: The large printed canvas and leather Top-Handle Tote Bag.Perfect for summer travel or the beach! (pic 8)

To learn more, please contact my personal NM Stylist Nicola Black at Neiman Marcus Short Hills. Visit Tom Ford at Neiman Marcus at


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