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A Whole Lot of Sunshine!

Honestly, I don't have much yellow in my wardrobe; in fact, the color reminds me of my bedroom when I was little. My mom did the decor in soft yellows, and even so many years later, I can easily recall the exact shade of yellow in my memory and how happy I was all the time. Spring is so close now! As I gleefully peruse the fashion magazines (while waiting for warmer weather to arrive), I'm dreaming about beautiful new pieces to add to my wardrobe for spring and summer 2019.

While pink, green, lavender, coral, and light blue are showing up in the fashion pages, the one color that keeps capturing my attention, and surprises me greatly, is YELLOW.

Maybe it's because last summer whipped by with my not having much outside fun or perhaps it's just a longing to get through the winter season up east. No matter the reason, shades of daisy yellow and soft buttery yellow are resonating for me as a color of happiness, hope, and sunshine. I'm ready to put the top down on the car, feel the warm(er) breeze on my shoulders, and finally move away from my usual "classic all-black NYC" winter outfits.

Incorporating small bursts of yellow will definitely make your outfit POP when you enter a room this spring/summer! And make YOU feel good, too. (And of course adding a bold lip goes without saying, ladies.)

Some ideas to make the transition without overwhelming your outfit include a scarf, an on-trend purse, a glamorous pair of earrings, maybe even a yellow belt worn with classic black trousers or jeans and a crisp white shirt to make the outfit stand out tastefully. Below are a few items that have caught my eye. Cheers to sunny days ahead, ladies. I'll be back in early April to cover how to best update your beauty wardrobe to complement the yummy colors you'll be wearing and not overpower the overall look. With a fashionable heart...Patty!

(Above, L to R: Ferragamo scarf, LV purse, Sashin & Babi earrings, Rag & Bone suede belt)


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