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5 Posing Tips to Look your Best

I connected with Kim only a couple of months ago in the most roundabout way: She did a head shot party in Virginia and one of my Beautycounter team members helped plan it and of course had a hand in getting the ladies makeup done. I was so impressed with the results I saw that I knew I had to add Kim to my circle of experts! Recently, she (re) posted the article below about posing tips and I thought is was PERFECT and timely as the topic of personal branding continues to grow...and so many are still lost at sea about how to visually project their presence online. Very quick read. Very usable information. And she's written bunches of great articles on her blog you may find helpful. Her information is at the end of the article.


I used to judge myself by how I looked in photos – any photos. “Did I look fat?” was my first question and then moved on to another scrutiny such as my hair, clothes…the list goes on. So much judgment rested on this one image which would define my self-esteem or if I needed to diet immediately. It’s crazy what we do to ourselves — these self-imposed sanctions.

One day I had the courage to take self-portraits of myself practicing posing. There is an art to taking self-portraits and it is overall difficult. I vowed to delete all the images and locked my door before starting. After reviewing the images, much to my surprise, there were a few gems in there. I soon called in my husband and my son for verification. Did they see the beautiful woman that I was finally seeing?

It was first “Ah-hah” moment into how angles and lighting can make all the difference between a bad image and a truly good image. I knew from having conversations with other women that they felt similar insecurities. I decided I wanted to share this insight and photograph people so that I could show them their inherent beauty.

Here are my 5 favorite posing tips:

1. Lean forward at the hips by 2 or 3 degrees. This will feel awkward but the camera will not notice how awkward you feel. I promise! This leans every body type.

2. Bring your chin out and down. Most people are worried about having a double chin so they put their chin up high. Just bring your chin out. Again, it will feel awkward, but the camera won’t notice.

3. Bend where you can – bend your and arm leg. This will add visual interest – most sculptures have bent arms and legs. If your arms are the same color as your torso (long sleeved shirt), bending will define your waist instead of making you look larger than you are.

4. Have the camera angle at eye level or slightly higher. Never go from below unless you want the subject to look bigger than they are.

5. Have fun! You are going to be glad you have this memory captured and your family will thank you, too.

Give these tips a shot and share with me your results!

About Kim

Kim Brundage is an award-winning, sought after Richmond, Virginia based photographer, and personal branding specialist. Kim’s client roster includes CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Kim is known for her ability to reveal her client’s true “personal brand” through guided exercises an amazing experiences at her studio.

Contact Information:


Phone Number: 804-859-6603


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