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5 Health Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore

We are women and we push forward each day taking care of everyone around us, often at our own expense. Each day that passes where we rationalize or ignore something the "doesn't feel right" might be the day that "something" really goes wrong.

This article was written by a member of the team at my own medical group and is worth the 3-minute read.

The Director of the Women and Children service line at Summit Medical Group, Christine Masterson, MD, states, “Many times, women are the caretakers of the family—the mothers, daughters, and loved ones who make sure everyone gets their needed appointments. Sometimes, though, they put themselves last. While you’re busy taking care of everyone else, please be sure to listen to your own symptoms, and seek regular care to ensure your best health."

You might have a headache that keeps coming back, or maybe you lost a few pounds without meaning to. If you’ve noticed small changes in your health, you may be tempted to shrug them off.

But something small may be a sign of a more serious issue with your health.

Here are five symptoms women shouldn’t ignore:

Shortness of breath. If you’ve noticed that you don’t have your usual energy, or that it’s harder than normal to exercise, you may want to talk with your doctor. Unexplained shortness of breath is an early symptom of lung disease.

Trouble with your vision. After a long day, you may blame eyestrain if your vision seems blurry. But a sudden vision problem in one or both eyes may be a sign of stroke. Seek medical care immediately.

A change on the scale. Losing weight without trying can be an early symptom of cancer. If you’ve shed or gained weight without changing your diet or activity level, make an appointment to see your doctor to determine the cause.

A headache you can’t shake. Headaches are common, but they can also be a sign of something more serious, like a stroke or tumor. If you’ve had a headache that’s more severe than you’ve ever had, or one that lasts for days, see your doctor right away.

Sudden, unexplained fatigue. An overloaded schedule may be the first thing you blame when you feel tired, but severe tiredness, especially out of the blue, is a common symptom of heart attack in women. Other symptoms include a feeling of pressure in your chest, severe shortness of breath, and unexplained nausea or vomiting. Seek emergency medical care immediately.


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